Join Us for Open House

Join us for Open House on March 18th at 5pm. Contact us for more information! Bellevue Location: 2495 140th Ave NE, Suite D-210, Bellevue, WA 98005 (425) 556 6972 Issaquah Location: 25929 SE Issaquah Fall [...]

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ACT/SAT optional trend

Typically, junior year consists of studying and taking either the SAT or ACT in order to prepare for applying to colleges. However, there has been a recent shift among colleges and universities to make the test scores optional. Although Bowdoin [...]

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EAS Silent Auction 2019

We are excited for our 2nd annual EAS Silent Auction! This year, it will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 3-5pm at McCormick & Schmicks in Downtown Bellevue. We are excited to have Jim Dever from Evening Magazine be [...]

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College – One Class At a Time

Colleges have various programs and degrees that fit all types of students. Some colleges really cater to students who like to think outside the box. Below are 2 colleges who offer students an opportunity to take one class at a [...]

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February 2019 Open House

On February 27, we will be having an Open House at both locations at 5pm. This is a great opportunity to check out our new Issaquah campus, invite friends and family who want to learn more about EAS or invite [...]

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Valedictorian Speech

Our 2018 Valedictorian, Braden, wrote an eloquent speech at graduation this year that perfectly embodies a student's perspective of the mission of our school. Here are some excerpts from his speech: 'Eastside creates an environment where you can succeed on [...]

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College Visits

It's that time of year again... the leaves are changing color, the temperatures are dropping and the rainy weather has returned. This only means one thing: time to start thinking about colleges! This year, we have already scheduled several different [...]

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