August 4, 2020 


In the wake of educational uncertainty brought on by Covid 19, EAS has formulated the following plan to begin the fall semester on Monday, September 14, 2020. In order to make an educated decision that is in the best interest of all our stakeholders, EAS held meetings with the parents and teachers, conducted surveys, participated in meetings with the Department of Health and with other private school officials. We monitored the Covid cases, followed a reopening document to complete all the steps necessary to open and analyzed cases across the country of other schools in similar positions.  Please note that this document is not meant to be comprehensive, as subsequent documents will provide more information and details about our reopening.

Fall 2020 Decision 

To assure the safety of our teachers and students, EAS has decided to continue with online learning this fall. However, we recognize that our students need extra support and have decided to offer in person opportunities for those students to work at the school. This will be done throughout the first quarter of the school year in manageable phases. These students will be brought back in small groups based on need starting with five to seven students at the beginning of the school year and reassessing each month thereafter, ideally expanding the number of students we can safely have on site. The onsite students will participate in online classes but will have direct oversite by teachers and administrators.

  • EAS will be sending out a separate email regarding in person student selection.


Safety Requirements for In Person School Attendance 

The following are health requirements for all students and teachers who are in the building:

  • Drop off/Pick up plan – students and staff will enter one at a time for screening. Anyone waiting to enter will stand 6 feet apart at designated areas
  • Daily temperature screening – temperature must be below 100.4 degrees
  • Daily symptom check – students and staff must pass all the screening questions asked
  • Face coverings – Masks and/or face shields must be worn at all times
  • Hand washing – Hands must be washed with soap for 20 seconds prior to entering the building, after using the restroom, after eating or drinking and between classes
  • Physical distance – students and teachers must maintain a 6 foot distance at all times
  • Enhanced school cleaning regimen – Common areas, tables and chairs will be sanitized after each use. Nightly janitorial services will be increased to provide a deep cleaning. A professional cleaning will be completed before the school year begins
  • Reporting suspected cases – Symptomatic staff or students will report immediately to the administration. Further, the school will be closed for a deep cleaning and sanitization and will reopen after negative test results are received or a determined length of time
  • PPE – EAS will maintain PPE for students and staff use, including face coverings, face shields, gloves, screening equipment, cleaning equipment etc.


Phases for In Person School Attendance 


  • Phase 1: Sept.14 – EAS will have 5-7 students in the physical building at our Bellevue location. They will be attending classes on the EAS RAIL server  but will also be able to receive in person support. There will be a rotation of teachers and administrators throughout the week to support these students.
  • Phase 2:October 2020 – EAS will evaluate the cases of Covid 19 in our area as well as any updates from OSPI or the state. If we feel it is safe, we will add 1-4 more students to attend in person at the Bellevue location. We will also increase the rotation of teachers and administrators throughout the week to support these students.
  • Phase 3: November 2020 – EAS will evaluate the cases of Covid 19 in our area as well as any updates from OSPI or the state. If we feel it is safe, we will add more students to attend in person at the Bellevue location. We will also increase the rotation of teachers and administrators throughout the week to support these students.
  • Phase 4: December 2020  – EAS will evaluate the cases of Covid 19 in our area as well as any updates from OSPI or the state. If we feel it is safe, we will open the Issaquah campus for in person learning and add more students and staff to both locations.
  • Timeframes for these phases are subject to change given the fluidity of the Covid situation


Online Learning Model 

EAS will continue to use EAS RAIL as our online platform. Here are the changes for the fall:

  • Class day will consist of six 40-minute class periods Monday-Thursday
  • Students and teachers will have their cameras and microphones on during class periods
  • Assignments, projects and assessments will be turned in through Thinkwave
  • Afternoons (1:15-2:45) will be set aside for study halls, office hours and social opportunities
  • Friday school will be solely on EAS RAIL



Social Opportunities 

EAS will be expanding its social reach to students by offering weekly online camps this semester. Students will have an opportunity to attend these camps in the afternoons that are sponsored by teachers. The camps are at no cost for the 1st quarter and will provide students an additional social opportunity. Examples of the camps: Anime, Ukulele, Sci Fi, Art, DnD etc.

Fall 2020 Bell Schedule

Period Start End
1st 8:00 8:40
2nd 8:45 9:25
3rd 9:30 10:10
 Break 10:10 10:20
4th  10:20 11:00
5th 11:05 11:45
6th 11:50 12:30
Lunch  12:30  1:15
Office Hours/SH/Clubs 1:15 2:45


Closing Thoughts

Our ultimate goal is to return to in person learning at both campuses as soon as possible during this school year. Although we are starting online on September 14th, we will continue to monitor the situation on a local level and keep our stakeholders informed of how we can gradually reopen. Please be mindful that this is a fluid situation and that these important decisions are subject to change. Your flexibility is appreciated.

During this time, we will continue to bolster our online program to make it as interactive as possible. Although we cannot duplicate in person learning, we are working diligently to create an environment where students have access to their teachers and peers and relationships that are vital for student success.

EAS will be reaching out individually to families who we feel are in the Phase 1 of our in person learning. Additionally, we encourage you to contact the administration with any concerns or questions during this process. Thank your continued belief in our mission and school and we appreciate your patience and support.