Fall 2020 Reopening Plan Letter

  EASTSIDE ACADEMICS SCHOOL FALL 2020 REOPENING PLAN August 4, 2020  Research  In the wake of educational uncertainty brought on by Covid 19, EAS has formulated the following plan to begin the fall semester on Monday, September 14, 2020. In [...]

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DnD summer camps

We are excited to be offering 3 Dungeons and Dragons camps this summer! Students will be embarking on an adventure with other students in the DnD realm. This camp can be for beginners or students who have played DnD before. [...]

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Virtual Learning – our new reality?

As we are venturing into this new unknown territory together, our school is adapting to change by switching completely online. We are using a combination of our grading program, Thinkwave, and Discord, for students and teachers to engage together and [...]

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It Runs In The Family For 40 Years!

We had a busy week here at EAS! We are beginning to prepare for our 40th anniversary, which is coming up this fall. As part of that process, we spent some time building out our strategic plan and taking a [...]

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Join Us for Open House

Join us for Open House on March 18th at 5pm. Contact us for more information! Bellevue Location: 2495 140th Ave NE, Suite D-210, Bellevue, WA 98005 (425) 556 6972 Issaquah Location: 25929 SE Issaquah Fall [...]

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ACT/SAT optional trend

Typically, junior year consists of studying and taking either the SAT or ACT in order to prepare for applying to colleges. However, there has been a recent shift among colleges and universities to make the test scores optional. Although Bowdoin [...]

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