Spark the dream, ignite the drive, prepare for the journey

Our academic philosophy is that if we help students rediscover a passion for learning and discovery, they will succeed. We place a strong emphasis on individual dreams and goals and use this to help build personalized education plans designed to meets students where they are and help them build the skills they need to thrive in high school, college and beyond.

The following students are successful at our school

  • Traditional students seeking more interaction with instructors
  • Discouraged and frustrated students who have higher academic potential than their test scores show
  • Students whose academic lives have been impacted by stressful life experiences
  • Students with learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Students with ASD, Special Education IEPs, or 504 plans
  • Students who want to attend college but need to improve their grades and study habits

Teaching Independence

Our model encourages students to learn how to work independently. The teacher is able to teacher the curriculum to the group of students while also having an opportunity during each class period to check in one on one with each student, be available for questions and monitor daily progress for each student.

Honors Designation

Students desiring an Honors Designation for any class may request an honors project or an ELO experience (Extended Learning Opportunity).

A Personalized Approach

We craft a tailored learning plan for our students by offering the following features:

  • Small classes with no more than 7 students. This model allows for a mix of one-on-one time with the student and teacher, group work where appropriate, and guided independent study
  • Flexible schedules with classes offered from 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Study strategies and executive functioning skills incorporated into all classes
  • Tailored homework program designed to help students succeed
  • Daily monitoring of student progress

Our students can attend EAS full-time or part-time through our dual enrollment model. Many of our students split their time between mainstream schools and our campus, and we also offer credit retrieval.

In the Classroom

At EAS, the theme of our classrooms is interaction, where students converse with the teacher and learn using the Socratic method. Students thrive with the opportunity to engage with the teacher. We know that learning is enhanced by a positive and enthusiastic response. The enthusiasm that our staff brings to our classrooms demonstrates our belief that there is no learning without excitement.

We have uniquely designed our classes to meet varying curricular and learning needs. Our model provides students the opportunity to develop their skills in the way best suited to each of them; the students also develop the independent study skills necessary for success in college.

We offer five key programs for our students



Our faculty can provide one-on-one support related to coursework and homework as well as coaching specific to standardized test preparation. Our tutors monitor grades each week, communicate with teachers and assist in test preparation


Distance learning

For students living far from the Bellevue area we can offer credits through our school via our distance learning program. We partner with a local educator and provide our curriculum, assessment tools and grading requirements. Following completion, we will supply the official transcript for the course

College Counseling

College Counseling

Building on the trusted insights of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, we provide individual consultation to help guide the process, from researching options and creating a balanced list of target schools through application and decision-making

Summer School

Summer School

A 6-week program in July and August designed for students looking to to get ahead for Fall or those needing grade retrieval

Middle School and High School courses

Middle & High School Courses

Students participate in small group classes ranging from academic courses to a guided study hall. We also offer a variety of elective courses. Contact us to learn more.

Accreditation & Certifications

NCAA Approved


Washington State approved high school since 1986

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AdvancEd (formerly NASCU) accredited since 1990

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OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) approved institution

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