As this school year comes to a close and the class of 2020 embarks into an unprecedented future, there is another group of students left to wonder how to take the lead – the class of 2021.

As their senior year will kick off this fall, there is still uncertainty looming about what the school year will look like. While students begin working on college applications, many colleges are on shaky ground. According to research by SimpsonScarborough, colleges could see a 20% decrease in enrollment this fall if classes are conducted online. ( With this pandemic, the SATs and ACTs have been rescheduled or cancelled. This cuts the amount of opportunities the class of 2021 has to take or retake their scores.

Another factor the class of 2021 will be facing is fewer opportunities to stand out. If school is online, they won’t be given the same opportunities to participate and lead in clubs, volunteering and on the sports field. They will have to carve their own path of how they can make an impact and stand out while also navigating their senior year online.

However, they shouldn’t despair! This is the time for students to be leaders in an unprecedented way. This is an opportunity for them to use creativity – they can look for opportunities where others haven’t. They can create school clubs online, reach out to college representatives via Zoom, show their creativity on a blog, a website or even through their school.

Although the future looks uncertain and can cause anxiety for not just students but adults, the class of 2021 has an opportunity to take the bull by the horns and carve a virtual path for many classes to follow. This is the perfect opportunity to put their creative, artistic and entrepreneurial skills to the test to make the future their own.