There is some good news here in the Pacific Northwest!

As families are coping with a new reality post Covid, some students who originally planned on attending a 4 year college, either in state or out of state, might be rethinking their plans – especially with high tuition costs and uncertainty about campus life and attending classes in person.

The good news is that in 2 different studies by, Washington State ranked high for the quality of community college education. In the first study, there were 18 factors used to determine the best community college system. Some of these included tuition and fees, student faculty ratio and graduation rates. Washington ranked #2 in the nation! Among all the community colleges, Shoreline Community and Pierce College Puyallup ranked among the top 20 in the nation.

During this stressful and unprecedented time, it is great news to hear that we have quality education at an affordable rate right here in our own backyard. Students can attend these colleges for the first 2 years and complete their undergrad requirements while staying close to home and saving money. This will also give them more options to transfer to a larger university to focus on their major later on.

Many of these colleges also provide dorm life, student support and career support.

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