During this unusual time, it’s important to have an emphasis on social opportunities for students.

This year, we have rolled out new quarterly clubs as well as camps.

This last quarter, students had the opportunity to choose between attending: Baking Club, Anime Club or History Escape Room club. It has been great to see students interacting with each other in a fun and non stressful way! The Baking club is learning how to cook fun foods like cookies and pizza. They then share pictures of their amazing results. The Anime students are sharing their favorite Anime films and honing their drawing skills. The History Escape Room Club goes on different historical adventures and chooses what happens to get out of certain situations.

We are also continuing our Dungeons and Dragons Camps. Students have been meeting every Friday afternoon. They are also planning on a Mid Winter DnD camp. This has been ongoing for the last couple years. Teachers and students alike both really enjoy role playing and the various adventures through DnD!

We will continue to come up with new clubs each quarter. 3rd Quarter is already showing promise with ideas like: Creative Writing Club, Debate Club, Video Game Club and Photography Club!