On July 7, Governor Inslee signed into effect House Bill 2224. This bill takes passing the end of course Biology exam off the table for seniors graduating through 2021.  The purpose behind this is to give students other opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency and learning besides passing a standardized test.

For students who learn differently, this is great news! Now, schools will be using more learning interventions and giving students more chances to show their learning.  In the past, students have been stressed about passing this test – especially students who require alternative methods of testing or have test anxiety. It is great that schools and the state of Washington are recognizing that not every student shows their understanding the same way. It is also a great move that schools are exploring how to provide more support to their students who are college bound but learn in a different style than bubbling in answers.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, said the following in a press release: ‘Students need and deserve multiple ways to show they know the state learning standards and have those competencies tied to college career opportunities.’

The state is moving in the right direction of supporting students with learning disabilities. It will be great to see how the new changes will roll out and positively impact these students.