As we finally enjoy the beginning of the summer, it is also a great time to start to prepare for fall. For the graduating class of 2019 (the students who entered 9th grade during the fall of 2015), the requirements to graduate high school in Washington have changed.  Below are some of the changes:

  • Science: 3 years of science classes (instead of the previous 2 years)
  • Arts: 2 years of art classes (instead of the previous 1 year)
  • World Languages or PPR: 2 years (instead of no previous requirement)
  • The total requirement of credits will now be 24 credits

Most students who are on the path to attend a 4 year college are already achieving the 2 year world languages requirement. However, now all students will be required to fulfill those 2 years.

Another option is PPR (Personalized Pathway Requirements). What this means is that they are related courses that lead to a specific career or educational outcome that a student can choose based on their interests.

It is important to keep in mind these changes while planning classes for the fall.

Check out this website to get more information: