As a new school year is on the horizon, it is time for juniors to begin thinking about test prep.

The ACT has now become the popular option for students to take. Every 4 year university in the US accepts the ACT! It is also recognized by over 200 international schools.

Another great aspect of the ACT is if a student takes the ACT more than once, they can send colleges their highest scores for each section from both tests. For example, if a student gets a high score on Math the first test and a higher score on Science the second test, they can submit their highest scores from each section.

This test also highlights student achievement in the areas of language arts, STEM and science.

Below are the test dates for the upcoming school year:

  • September 9 (register by Aug. 4)
  • October 28 (register by Sept. 22)
  • December 9 (register by Nov. 3)
  • February 10 (register by Jan. 12)
  • April 14 (register by March 9)
  • June 9 (register by May 4)
  • July 14 (register by June 15)


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