Why should students attend summer school?

One of the main reasons why students attend summer school is for grade retrieval. If throughout the school year, a student received a grade they are not proud of, summer school is an excellent opportunity to make up that grade. It’s never too late! Colleges love to see that students take the time out of their schedule and dedicate themselves to replacing a low grade. Not only will this improve their GPA, it will show colleges that these students are determined to be successful and take their education seriously.

Another reason why students attend summer school is to get ahead of their education. If a student excels in math, they can get approval from their school to take a class over the summer so they can begin a more advanced math class during the school year. This is for very motivated students who are applying to colleges who are more rigorous and competitive. If a student is taking an entire year’s course, they will need to get approval from their current school and typically need to take a comprehensive assessment at the end of summer to show they learned the academic learning goals from that program. Besides math, students can also take a science course or foreign language course.

One of the last reasons students may enroll in summer school is to improve their skills. For sophomores, taking an ACT or SAT prep class gives them extra practice to perform better when they take the test in the fall. Other students might want to enroll in a writing class to help strengthen their writing skills for the fall or to complete the required summer reading needed for the following year.

Although some students might not be thrilled to spend their summer in school, these opportunities set students up for more success in the upcoming school year as well as help their chances with the colleges they are applying to.