Dual Enrollment is an ideal option for students who need smaller class sizes for their academic classes but want electives at a larger public school for socialization with their peers.

This means that they can take all their core academic classes at a private school and up to 2 electives at their local public school where they live in the attendance area. Students can also participate in after school activities and clubs. This is a great option for students Рone foot in each world.  Students are able to exist in both worlds and be successful as well as happy.

When it comes to the last semester of their senior year, public schools prefer students to choose – either all classes at the private school and graduate from there or all classes at the public school and graduate from there. Regardless, the transcript will have combined classes and grades from both schools for prospective colleges.

Many families are unaware of this option when researching the option of needing something different to help their student. However, it is a great option to help students feel like they still get to see their friends and are connected as well as get the skills they need to be successful in their classes.