As we are venturing into this new unknown territory together, our school is adapting to change by switching completely online. We are using a combination of our grading program, Thinkwave, and Discord, for students and teachers to engage together and continue learning.

After our first week, we have had 100% attendance at both schools! It is great to see students and teachers communicating together and using resources to make the most out of interactive learning.

Here’s some feedback from our parents:

  • Thanks for getting this system up and running so quickly. There are some learning curves we’ll need to work through, but thankful for my son to be in class.
  • We’ve been happy this week. It’s been an adjustment but I think we are starting to figure out how to make it work for our family. I was extremely nervous going into it that the kids would get distracted easily or lose focus but that didn’t seem to happen much at all.
  • It was an awesome start to the first week!

As a school, we will continue to tweak our online platform and find ways to increase interactions with our students and teachers. We are working on a way currently for students to earn elective credits for activities they are doing at home.

We are so grateful to our students, parents and teachers for their continued hard work and positive attitudes as we shift into a new reality.

If you are looking for an alternative during this time and are searching for a way for your child to interact with teachers and make the most out of this time at home, contact us! We have availability in our online platform and would love to help you!